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Old secretariat, Old Secretariat in Delhi India

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the main Ring Road just near the Civil Lines Metro, Delhi, India
The year 1913. On 27th January
October to March
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The Old Secretariat building is a place where the legislative assembly of Delhi seats, the old secretariat is located on the main ring road close to the Civil Lines Metro Station. The building is nearly hundred years and it was built to accommodate official activities when the seat of power was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. The spectacular design of the building is credited to E Montague Thomas and over the years the building has gathered enormous importance. The foundation of the parliamentary system of the country was laid in this building with the first seating of the legislative council being held in this chamber way back in the beginning of the twentieth century.

This house was the meeting place of the legislative council till the Parliament house building was completed and ready for use. Post independence the building was used for quite a few purposes including academic as well as cultural events. It is worth remembering that the first convocation ceremony of Delhi University was held on 26th March 1923 in this very building. In fact sessions of the Delhi assembly were held at this place during the fifties when Delhi had a legislative assembly.The metropolitan council took over once the legislative assembly at Delhi ceased to function, but the building was finally rechristened as the Delhi State Assembly in the nineties.
The Old Secretariat building was designed by E. Montague Thomas. The capital of the British Empire was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi by the Britishers. It then became important for them to construct a building where they could house the secretariat. So in the year 1912 this building was constructed. The Old Secretariat building started functioning in the year 1913. On 27th January, the legislative Council of the Central Government met here for the first time. For the next 14 years the Council continued to meet here until they were shifted to the North and South Blocks in the Raisina Hills. It was in this building that important discussions, meetings and debates were held on constitutional matters before being finally adopted. All this contributed to forming the base of the Indian Parliamentary system.This building also boasts of hosting the first Convocation ceremony of the Delhi University on 26th March 1923. The University rented this building for a period of time.After India achieved independence in the year 1947, the Old Secretariat building held several other academic and cultural events.In the year 1952, the building held sessions of the Delhi Assembly.However the Delhi Assembly was dissolved after a point of time and the building then served other purposes. The Metropolitan Council started holding its meetings and discussions here.Finally in the year 1993, after the formation of the Delhi Government, the Old Secretariat Building became the seat of the Delhi State Assembly. The sessions of the Vidhan Sabha are held here.The Architecture of the Old Secretariat is also quite impressive.If you are interested in visiting this century old historic building a quick glance through the Old Secretariat, Fast Facts will definitely prove to be very useful.

Old Secretariat in Delhi is located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road near the Civil Lines Metro Station. The architecture bears imprints of history as the imposing structure dates back to 1912.

  • Architecture of Old Secretariat was designed by E. Montague Thomas.
  • The architectural pattern includes a long front line and two lateral structures.
  • The architecture is a classic combination of the best features of English school of architecture and the traditional Indian forms.
  • The imposing building stands majestically amidst 10 acres of beautiful manicured garden.
  • The building now houses the headquarters of the Government of the National Capital Region of Delhi and the Delhi Assembly.
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